Why Join IBN?

With 80+ members in Victoria, Tasmania, New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and the Australian Capital Territory, Independent Builders Network is fast becoming a name you can trust.

Looking to join the Independent Builders Network?

Our builders are progressive, dynamic, professional builders who with
the support of the Independent Builders systems and Networks, offer a personal and
professional building experience that is just not possible with the volume builders.

How does IBN benefit the members?

Our member builders retain their individuality as stand alone businesses.
They then benefit from the resources, buying power, training, systems and support of
the highly professional nationally expanding network.

Major benfits of the Independent Builders Network

100+ House Plans to use as your own

Façade Upgrade Options

Access to our “book” of plans to use with your clients

Zero Deposit First Homes

National Supplier Network pricing

IBN Training- Specific Sales, Marketing, Systems,

Estimates & BOQ’s of IBN house plans Development

Lead Generation though IBN

Marketing- Homes Shows, Digital, Radio, National Campaigns

Resource Library- IBN Space

House & Land Package assistance

Display Homes- Opportunities & Support

IBN Invest- Wholesale Package opportunities

Join a Network of Builders in your area

Contractor savings via your IBN network

Business Mentor & training

Business Development- Sales & Marketing Tools

Membership of over 130 Builders across Australia

New house plans released every year

Access to all Marketing Collateral

House Plan brochure books

“Virtual Display Village System” (for your website)